Monday, April 12, 2010

Harry Potter

Once upon a time there was a wizard named Harry Potter and a long time ago his parents were killed by some adult wizards and he lived his life in a bad way. So Harry Potter met some kids that became his friends. There names are Ron and Hamine. Then they stayed friends for the whole time they went to Hogwarts school. They learned how to use magic and make spells. (POWERFULL SPELLS).  Than one day Harry Potter got this pet and it was a white snow owl. That owl delivers letters, packages and gifts for him from other people like his old foster parents.
One gift he got was a flying broom. Thats when he learned to fly with alot of other wizards. Harry Potter has wizard races and wizard games. They also got into some trouble because they always snuck out to go places and do things behind all the adult wizards backs without them knowing. When Harry Potter was born he had a scar on his head from when he was a baby. The scar was the letter z.